1st Gen Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab with Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3 Pro Lights

Diode Dynamics SS3 Mounting Solution

Visibility is an important function of driving is it not? What would you do if your Sunday drive through the mountains, plains, or farmland were suddenly enveloped by an impenetrable curtain of fog? Hopefully you have a solution for exceptional lighting!

I've had the pleasure of owning my own set of Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3in Yellow Pro fog lights since their initial release and I can't recommend them enough. I have been a big fan of Diode Dynamics products since I first discovered them a few years ago and the launch of their 3 inch series lights was a welcomed addition to their product lineup. Just like us here at Mox Motors, Diode Dynamics was born from a passion for building new and better products for motorsports enthusiasts looking to improve their vehicles in ways unique to their own situation.

Everyone has to start somewhere and for me that was with great lighting. My personal SS3 Pro set began its life by allowing me to see while I was on my way to visit my parents. I used the included bracket on the standard style set to mount them to the space in my front bumper on my 1995 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 using some hardware from work and a couple simple tools. The difference in pure candela output compared to my factory headlights was nearly immeasurable. Of course that's an overstatement, yet the Diode Dynamics set boasts an impressive 10,900 candela (2,700 lumens) compared to the standard 7x6" headlight that comes with the truck's stock setup. There's a great write up on the TacomaWorld forum by user crashnburn80 if you want to get down to the more technical details of what these lights can do.

1995 Toyota Tacoma, Paradise Blue metallic paint, Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3 Pro Yellow Fog Lights

I used the included plug to install the fog lights into my truck by wiring them to a harness with a built in relay and a switch from ch4x4, but there are also options for generic relay wiring harnesses with a switch that already comes ready to go on Amazon. The SS3's remained in this configuration for a couple years before moving up to my newer 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 and deserved a more elegant solution for mounting. I realized that the location of the factory turn signals on the 2001+ model of the 1st gen Tacomas were in the optimal position for these lights, I just needed a way to relocate these signals elsewhere. On top of moving them I also needed to lengthen my harnesses as my new truck was now much wider.

Mox Motors SS3 Mounting Bracket

I developed a custom 3D printed solution for mounting the SS3s into my bumper and have them available on the Mox Motors storefront for anyone else looking to install them in their own 2001-2004 Tacoma. The brackets have been installed on my truck for at least a year and have been holding the SS3's firmly in place every since. It's difficult to convey the difference a great pair of fog lights can make when you really need them. I became aware of this on a late night drive to and from Nevada City in the winter of 2021. The air was thick with fog on highway 49 and the only thing that seemed to cut through was my trusty SS3 kit. I could clearly see the road and all of the signs needed to make the journey safely through the mountain. If you have the time I recommend stopping by Diode Dynamics' booth at any event nearby to check out what they offer in person, you won't be disappointed.


 2003 Toyota Tacoma with Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3 Pro Fogh Lights In Mountain

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