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About Us

Hi! Thank you for visiting our site and giving us the opportunity to bring new and awesome ideas for your vehicles! We are Andrew and David, two friends from middle school who decided to work together to create products for trucks that we've always wanted to make.

Andrew and David from Mox Motors at SEMA

Mox Motors is a brand new company in its infancy, our first product, the TacoTool was created with a large audience in mind so that everyone could help support our dream of creating more custom and niche products. We then launched the MT86 wiper blades to bring more subtle aesthetics to peoples builds. Our newest venture has been with our ROX lights and we plan to add plenty of wiring and mounting options to make them easy to install.

We're still small as a team of only two trying to juggle every day life while still creating cool things and providing support to the awesome customers we already have. We hope that you will join our community by supporting our future ideas and offering feedback on what you like or dislike about what we make currently.

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Do you need a custom plastic mount for your truck, but can't find the right fit? Look no further!

At Mox Motors, we specialize in creating bespoke 3D-printed mounts that perfectly match your unique requirements. We use high-quality materials to produce durable mounts that can withstand the toughest conditions. From mounting lights and radios to replacing brackets, we can create a solution that fits your needs.

With our expertise and in-house printing capabilities, you can trust us to deliver the perfect product every time. Get started today by filling out our form below to receive a personalized quote for your custom plastic mount!

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