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Mox Motors

2014+ Toyota 4Runner - MT86 Topographic Wiper Blade Bundle

2014+ Toyota 4Runner - MT86 Topographic Wiper Blade Bundle

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The Mox Motors MT86 topographic wiper blade set for 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner vehicles (2014+). We offer replacement rubber so your never have to buy another wiper blade again. Each blade is hydro dipped with our custom white topographic design, no two blades are the same so your kit will always be unique to you.

    • Durable natural rubber material offers exceptional windshield clearing and lasts over 500,000 wipe cycles (12+ month life).
    • Each blade is unique due to the hydro dipping process leading to slight variations in their pattern, no two are the same!
    • All weather, all season ready.
    • Replaceable rubber extends the life of your kit (sold separately).
    • Hybrid design prevents snow and road debris from clogging the blade.

    Kit contents:

    • 2014+ 4Runner: 24" and 20" blades with J-Hook adapter.

    Single Blade options available in 15", 17", 20", 22", 24" or 26".

    Don't forget to grab a set of extra rubber to refresh your blades at the end of the season! Replacement Rubber HERE.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Steven-Christopher Cain
    Not Cold Weather Proof…

    Chicago was hit hard the past few days. Consistently averaging below zero temps. The plastic that clamps over just snapped off. I’ve been using gorilla tape to hold it in place for the meantime. Haven’t decided if I’m going back to OEM. I really like theses wipers. They’ve worked better than the OEM and unquestionably look better. But,the OEM held up in these type of temperatures.

    Adam McCain
    Save your money - buy OEM

    Absolutely horrible product. This product is NOT temperature tested to -40F. I’ve had these for 3 months, first snow of the year here in Michigan. Snapped the plastic on the end because there is nothing supporting the wiper except a cheap 30GF nylon. It isn’t even +29F here tonight cleaning off my vehicle. Decided to take the short one off as I’m traveling and don’t want to run the risk of trying to find an auto parts store in the middle of BFE Iowa, and the tab holding the wiper on snapped off while trying to remove it, no ice blocking it and gave it 20 min to warm up inside, just horrible material selection for mild winter weather. Just because you know OEM specifications and can put the label on there in the description, doesn’t mean you actually test to them. Seriously, these look sweet, but they should function just as well as OEM for the price. The only function I can see of the “hybrid” design is making a huge stress concentration right at the highest flex area of the wiper - as seen in my image of the major break. Not even switching to a 45 GF PP will fix this, unless you support the end of the wiper with some aluminum like OEM.

    Hi Adam,

    We're sorry to hear your wipers broke in winter. Although this is not the first time we've seen this happen, it is fairly uncommon. We would be more than happy to replace your wiper blades until you have a working set you are happy with. Just let us know, otherwise we would offer a full refund if you prefer to go with another brand. Just let us know which option you want to go with!

    John Irvine
    4Runner 20”+24” Wiper blades

    Easy install and topographical design looks awesome. Possible rear wiper soon?

    Gilbert Seda
    Great product

    Nice looking windshield wipers. They look nice and work very well.

    Brian Fox

    Had an issue with one of my wipers and it was resolved immediately. Really great customer service.