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Mox Motors

1st Gen Signal Relocation Harness

1st Gen Signal Relocation Harness

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The MOX Motors wiring harness offers a plug and play solution to access your front signal and parking light connections without having to tap any factory wires. Each kit includes two harnesses with matching plugs to pass through the front bumper signals and relocate the front parking lights on 2001-2003 Toyota Tacoma trucks.

The suggested use of this harness is for customers needing to move the signal to a new location after replacing the front bumper with a high clearance off-road bumper, or to install custom switchback bulbs in the front parking light housings. We are developing a custom Multi-Gen bulb (Coming soon) that pairs well with this wiring harness.


Please note that only the turn signal plug is pass through at this time, this version does not include a pass through for the parking light plug.

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