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Mox Motors

Roof Rack Rock Light Mount - Baja Designs Rock Light

Roof Rack Rock Light Mount - Baja Designs Rock Light

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The Mox Motors roof rack mount allows you to install Baja Designs rock lights at a 45° angle to light up your camp site at night. This mount is 3D printed out of ASA material for it's heat resistance, strength, and UV stability. The mounting holes are 0.8 inches apart and use McMaster stainless steel M5 bolts.

Each kit includes the following:

  • 4x BD ASA 3D printed mounts
  • 8x M5 Stainless steel bolts
  • 8x Stainless steel washers
  • 4x ASA 3D printed back-plates

The included bolts are meant to mount on a standard 1/4" thick roof rack, there is an option to customize the mount spacing if you need to have it adjusted to fit on a rack with different hole spacing requirements.

This kit is 3D printed in house, please allow a 2-3 days processing time to print and assemble your order before it can be shipped.

 *Baja Designs rock lights not included in this kit.

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